Flexible Financing for Retailers and Customers

Finance Technology AS delivers consumer finance solutions to mobile operators and electronics retailers. Finance Technology partners with banks, buyback guarantors and insurance partners to build flexible financing options where the consumer can return their device after a certain period and Upgrade for a new device and new financing contract.

B2C Consumer Finance

Finance Technology's B2C consumer finance solutions, with instant credit approval, provide fixed term and flexible term financing options that allow the consumer return the product to the retailer and Upgrade for a new product.

SME Retail Financing

For Small and Medium Enterprises, automated credit checks and approvals allow quick and easy product financing from our retail partners. Structured either as loans or leases, business customers can have the same Upgrade flexibility as consumers.

Enterprise Device Financing

For enterprises purchasing large numbers of devices, lease finance with frame agreements provide the flexibility to both the company and the retailer to allow for rolling purchases and returns of devices.

How Does Upgrade Financing Work?

Flexible Period with device returned at end of contract.

Upgrade contracts give the customer an option to return their device after a certain number of monthly payments have been made and then agree a new contract for a new device.
Typically contracts for mobile phones allow an Upgrade after 12 or 24 payments. For tablets and laptops, 24 and or 36 payments is more common.

What types of products are suitable for Upgrade financing?

Upgrade contracts are appropriate for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other items that have a high residual value after a financing period.

What customers benefit from Upgrade financing?

Customers, either individuals or businesses, who want the flexibility to frequently upgrade their devices. Customers typically pay a smaller monthly fee as the residual value of the device at the end of the contract is used to reduce the financed amount.

How do retailers benefit?

Retailers typically gain through more sales with increased margin on sales. Customer loyalty also improves as their customers must return at the end of the contract and the retailer can target the customer with new Upgrade options during the flexible return period.

Products & Technology

Finance Technology's product suite is designed for ease of use by sales people and consumers with the minimum essential data entry, automated credit scoring and digital contract signing. This allows a complete contract sale process to be completed in under 1 minute.

Point of Sale

Our easy to use white label application for Point of Sale is fully branded to our partners requirements, including branding of all contracts and marketing communications. Product extras and discounts are easily added and can be chosen from a pre-configured list or entered by the salesperson. With automated credit scoring and digital signing, financing can be completed in under 1 minute.

Cloud Service with 24/7 Support

Finance Technology’s Amazon cloud based services require no customer premises setup. New retail partners can be live within 1 day of contract signing with a fully branded system.

Our systems are mission critical for our retail partners. Finance Technology provides 24/7 technical and application support from our Porto office to quickly deal with any issues that may arise.


Retailers with online operations can sell their products using fully branded web components supplied by Finance Technology or by integrating with our Json API. Order with in-store pickup and pre-order are available. For markets with digital contract signing (e.g. BankID in Norway), the full sales process can be completed online.

Business 2 Business

Leasing based solution for Upgrade’ sales to small and large business customers. Allows purchase of multiple devices with individual financing of each sale or frame agreements to cover multiple sales.

Retailer Administrator Interface

Our Partner Administration interface allows each retailer to manage devices, pricing, operator subscriptions, stores and users. Detailed Analytics  and Reporting show store and salesperson performance. A Pricing Calculator shows the retailer their margin for each device and period of a contract allowing them to fully evaluate the impact of a price change.


Finance Technology works with Retail Partners to deliver financing solutions to their customers. We work with Credit Providers (Banks), Buyback Guarantors and Insurance Companies to construct finance products for our retail partners.

Retail Partners

Retail Partners offer their own branded Upgrade financing products for device purchase to personal and business customers. Operator subsidy can reduce the purchase price when an operator subscription is included.

Finance Technology

Finance Technology constructs the financing products and delivers technology and expertise to the retailer for in store and online channels,  integrating the  partners and managing the process

Finance Partners (Banks)

Provides Upgrade finance to the retailer‘s customers: Personal, Business or both

Guarantor Partners

At time of sale, provides a guaranteed future buyback value for the device during the flexible Upgrade period. Takes the used device at end of contract.

Insurance Partners

Provides one or more different insurance options ranging from screen breakage to full insurance packages

About Us

Finance Technology AS is a privately held company based in Oslo, Norway with Product Development and Southern Europe sales based in Porto, Portugal.

Company Leadership

Arild Lie

Based in Oslo, Arild has 30 years experience in consumer and business leasing and finance. He founded IT Finans, a consumer leasing business sold to De Lage Landen in 2007.

John Lambe

John has 30 years experience in software development and business. Founded OpenJaw Technologies, an Irish travel technology company, sold to Guestlogix in 2014. Now lives in Porto.

Ricardo Camarinha

Named as one of Portugal’s ’40 Under 40’  business leaders of the future, Ricardo was founder of  Flykt, an online travel business. Ricardo is based in Porto.

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